Name       :                                               R.K. Malviya

Designation:                                          Technical Officer

Date of Birth:                             12/03/1970

Date of Joining:                         15/02/1993

Date of joining present post:            18/12/2013

Discipline:                                               Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Address (off.):   Forest Entomology Division, TFRI, PO-RFRC, Mandla

Road, Jabalpur 482021 (MP)

Address (resi.):  Type IV, Qr. No.13, New Residential Colony,

T.F.R.I., Mandla Road

Jabalpur 482021 (MP)

Telephone (off.):          0761-2840634, 9893794075 (M)

Fax:                                  0761-2840484

Email address:,

Educational Qualifications:  B.Sc. (PCM)

Research Experience:  24 years       

Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations :  N/A


Participated in the Regional workshop on recent advances in teak research and management practices in central india, organized by Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. held on 17th & 18th March 2006 at Nagpur.



Awards: N/A

Miscellaneous : N/A



1.      K.C. Joshi, N.Kulkarni, S.Sambath, S.Chandra, R.B. Singh, R.K. Malviya & N. Roychoudhury (2006) Supplementation of indigenous egg parasitoid, Trichogramma raoi nagaraja, to minimize the attack of teak pests A case study, Proceeding of regional workshop of FDCM : 175-183.

2.      Meshram, P.B., Roychoudhury, N., Yousuf, M.and Malviya, R.K.. (2014). Efficacy of indigenous egg parasitoid Trichogramma raoi against teak skeletonizer Eutectona machaeralis (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae. Indian J. Trop. Biodv. 21 (1&2): 129-134.

3.      Meshram, PB, Mawai NS and Malviya RK (2015). Biological control of insect pests of medicinal plants-Abelmoschus moschatus, Gloriosa superba and Withania somnifera. American Journal of Agriculture & Forestry, 3(2):47-51.

4.      Meshram PB, Mawai NS and Malviya RK (2016). Management of leaf gall forming insect, Trioza obsoleta Buckton (Homoptera: Psyllidae)on Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb. in Chhattisgrah. Indian Forester, 142(3):294-299.

5.      Meshram, P.B., Mawai, N.S., Malviya, R.K. and Barve, S.K. (2017). Mitragyna parviflora  Korth (Family Rubiaceae) - A New Host Plant Record for Defoliator, Phazaca theclata (syn Dirades theclata)Gue. (Lepidoptera : Uraniidae). Van Sangyan, 4(10):35-36.

6.      Meshram PB, Mawai NS and Malviya, R.K. (2017). Impact of damage and ecofriendly management of bark eating caterpillar, Indarbela quadrinotata in Emblica officinalis plantation. Indian Forester, 143(5):459-463.

7.   Meshram, P.B., Roy, Jagruti and Malviya, R.K. (2018). New record of saw-toothed grain beetle, ORYZAEPHILUS SURINAMENSIS on stored mahua flowers, Van Sangyan, 5 (1): 15-18.