Institute of Forest Biodiversity Hyderabad
उष्णकटिबंधीय वन अनुसंधान संस्थान
Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur

Information Technology

Last Updated on : 18 September 2018











The Computer and  Information Technology Section has been   established in the Institute in order to facilitate various research   divisions, offices, sections and support cells of the institute with the   latest facilities in the field of Information Technology. The role of the   section is to provide/maintain network (LAN and WAN) facilities and   to strengthen the computer activities with latest facilities in the   Institute by procuring the necessary Hardware and Software. The   cell is also responsible for arranging training to the   Officers/Scientists/Staff members of the Institute whenever it is   required. Following facilities are being provided by the IT cell.

 Local Area Network (LAN)

TFRI has established Local Area Network (LAN) at its campus in 2000. A high speed 100mbps Switched Ethernet fibre backbone is used. The LAN at the Institute is distributed in five Office/laboratory buildings with one fibre optic backbone. Ten switches have been used for the entire networking. Three servers, visible to the outside world, are connected to the backbone switch which in turn is connected to the router. Backbone switch is connected to access switch at different building via six-core multimode fibre optic cable. The UTP Enhanced CAT-5 and Cat-6 cable connects the nodes to the working switches. The local area network of the institute is comprised of about 125 nodes with around 100 active users.

Wide Area Network (WAN)