1. Name: Dr. Naseer Mohammad

2. Designation: Scientist-C

3. Qualification: M. Sc. (Ag) Genetics & Plant Breeding

                                Ph.D. (Genetics & Plant Breeding)

4. Research Experience: Two years

5. Subject Area: Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement
6. Research Papers: Nine
7. Popular Science Articles: Four
8. Conference/Symposia: Seven
9. M. Sc. Dissertation guidance: Six
10. Research Project:

(a) ICFRE: Nil                

(b) Other than ICFRE:  One
11. Academic Accomplishments:

  1. Recipient of Dr. PDKV Merit-Cum Scholarship for B.Sc. (Agriculture).
  2. Recipient of ICAR-JRF fellowship for M.Sc. (Ag) Genetics & Plant Breeding programme by securing AIR-14 rank in the examination conducted by I.C.A.R., New Delhi.
  3. Secured AIR-1st Rank in ICAR-SRF Examination (2009-10) in the Plant Breeding discipline conducted by I.C.A.R., New Delhi.
  4. Recipient of Maulana Azad National Fellowship (MANF) for pursuing Ph.D. (Genetics & Plant Breeding) from U.G.C. New Delhi.
  5. Qualified ASRB-NET examination held during 2010.

12. Key Publications:

(a)    International

1)      Naseer Mohammad, Shashank Mahesh, Pramod Kumar and SA Ansari (2012) Genotyping of Santalum album L. accessions through cross-species transferability of SSR markers Santalum austrocaledonicum and Santalum insulare. Sandalwood Research Newsletter 27: 1-8.

(b)   National

1.       Naseer Mohammad, Jaggal Somappa and SK Verma (2011) ISSR based diversity analysis among F3 progenies of Pigeonpea derived from Interspecific cross Cajanus scarabaeoides Cajanus cajan. Green farming 2(6): 641-644.

2.       Jaggal Somappa, Naseer Mohammad, G C Bajpai, S K Verma and Reena Joshi (2012) Bioassay studies for bruchid (Callosobruchus chinensis) resistance in F7 inter-specific generation of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences  82(3): 28890.

3.       Jaggal Somappa, Naseer Mohammad, Indradeo Pandey , H. K. Mahadeva Swamy , L. Nemappa and G. C. Bajpai (2012) Assessment of quality descriptors and screening of interspecific progenies of pigeonpea against bruchid (Callosobruchus chinensis). Plant Archives  12(2): 623-626.

4.       Jaggal Somappa, Naseer Mohammad, Mamta Joshi, Yathis K.R. and G C Bajpai (2012) Assessment of seed quality in F7 Interspecific progenies of Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L) Millspaugh]. Bioinfolet 9(2): 151-154.

5.       Reena Joshi, Jaggal Somappa, Naseer Mohammad and S. K. Verma (2012) Evaluation of F7 Progenies for Protein Content in Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millspaugh]. Environment & Ecology 30(3A): 739742.

6.       Naseer Mohammad and S.K. Verma (2013) Genetic assessment of yield and its components traits in interspecific families of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.). Green Farming 4(1): 7-10.

7.       Naseer Mohammad, Yogeshwar Mishra and SA Ansari (2013). Development of selection criteria in Bel (Aegle marmelos) and Kuchla (Strychnox nux-vomica) through correlation and path coefficient study. Bioinfolet 10(1a): 8-11.

8.       Naseer Mohammad, Yogeshwar Mishra and SA Ansari (2013). Assessment of inter-character correlations in Pterocarpus marsupium, an endangered medicinal plant of tropical forest. Indian Forester 139 (7): 633-635.

13. Contact Details:   Dr. Naseer Mohammad,

                                        Genetics and Plant Propagation Division,

                                        Tropical Forest Research Institute,

                                        Mandla Road, P.O. - R.F.R.C.,

                                        Jabalpur-482 021 (Madhya Pradesh)

                                        Email: naseer35518@gmail.com


                                        Cell: 91-9165704818