Name                                                      Smt. Shashi Kiran Barve  

Designation                                           Technical Officer

Date of Birth                                          20/08/1968            

Date of Joining                                      11/10/1996

Date of joining present post             08/03/2017

Discipline                                                            Biological Science

Address (off.) : Forest Entomology Division, TFRI,  PO-RFRC,

Mandla Road, Jabalpur 482021 (MP)

 Address (resi.):  Type II/11 , TFRI Colony,  PO-RFRC,

Mandla Road, Jabalpur 482021 (MP)

 Telephone (off.)           0761-2840634, 9407389581 (M)

Fax                                    0761-2840484

Email address           

Educational Qualifications : B.Sc., M.A. (Hindi)

Research Experience

Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations : N/A

Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums:  N/A

Awards : N/A

Miscellaneous: N/A


(i)                Roychoudhury, N. and Barve, S.( 2015). Forest insects, their identification and host plants relation. In: Familiarizing with Biodiversity (Eds. S. Singh, P.K. Khatri, P.B. Meshram, P. Subramanyam and U. Prakasham). Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur, pp. 103-106.

(ii)              Roychoudhury, N., Chandra, S., Singh, R.B., Barve, S.K. and Das, A.K. (2015). New record of insect pests on seedlings of Eucalyptus.  Indian J. Forestry 38(2): 117-124.

(iii)            fufru dqyd.khZ] ealwj vgen] lat; nRrk=; ikSuhdj ,oa 'kf'kfdj.k cosZ (2016) "ou jksif.k;ksa esa 'osr bfYYk;ksa ds ,dhd`r ukf'kdhV izca/ku gsrq ekxZnf'kZdk" VsfDudy cqysfVu m".k dfVca/kh; ou vuqla/kku laLFkku tcyiqj] 8 Pp.

(iv)              Kulkarni, N., Roychoudhury, N., Meshram, P.B. and Barve, Shashi  ((2017). Edited Pictorial Catalogue of Insect Reference Collection. TFRI / Book-1 /2017 / 01, 73 pp.