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Dr. Nanita Berry

Name: Dr. Nanita Berry

Designation : Scientist "E"

Qualification: M. Sc. (Forestry), Ph.D.

Experience: 14 Years

Subject Area: Agroforestry & Socio Economic Studies

Publication: 20


Research Papers

  1. Berry, Nanita; Argal, Akhilesh; Sah, A.K. and Shukla, P.K. 2003. Promising Agroforestry systems for Central India. In:  Agroforestry in 21st Century (Eds. Chauhan, Sanjeev K.; Gill ,S.S.; Sharma , S.C. and Chauhan ,Rajni)  pp 40-48.

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  18.  Argal, Akhilesh and Berry, Nanita (2001). SFD consultancy report entitled " Sinchit Ropan me Sunischit Rojgar Yojna of Purva village, Dhanpuri block , report prepared and submitted to the Forest Department, Jabalpur(M.P.) 1-20 pp.

  19.  Berry, Nanita  2008. Bamboo in agroforestry systems, In technical manual on "Bamboo Technology and Trade Development" (Eds. P. Jadhav and Anjana Rajput) pp 119-226.  Published by SFRI,Jabalpur (M.P.)

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  22.  Berry, Nanita 2006.  Final research reports  entitled " Social and livelihood analysis of  dependence of tribal    on forests"  funded by ICFRE , submitted to the ICFRE on June, 2006.

  23. Sah,A.K. and Berry, Nanita 2006.  Final research reports , entitled " Standardization and management of existing agroforestry systemin Central Narmada valley. funded by the ICFRE , submitted to the ICFRE on June,2006.

  24. Berry, Nanita. 2007. Final research report  entitled " Developing coalition approach to non-timber forest  product for better livelihood of tribal communities  of Madhya Pradesh funded by the International agency   DFID (Department for  International Development, UK)  .

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  28.  Berry,Nanita and  Rajat S.Pal (2009)  Teak-turmeric (Van-aushdhi) agroforestry system. Published by  Agroforestry division, TFRI.


Radio Talks

  1.   Berry , Nanita  2007 .  Lakh Ki Bahuupyogi Kheti under Krishi jagat programme in Akashwani, Jabalpur.

  2.   Berry, Nanita 2008.     "Bach ki kheti se labh" under Krishi jagat programme in Akashwani, Jabalpur.

  3.   Berry, Nanita 2008.  "Swa sahayta samuh se mahilaon ka utthan". under Krishi jagat programme in Akashwani, Jabalpur.

National Seminars /Symposium/ Conference/Workshop attended:

  1. Berry, Nanita 2003.  Marketing trends and price variation of NTFPs in M.P. InNational Seminar on Forest Resource Management held from 15-17, November, 2003 at C.S. Azad University of Agriculture & Technology Kanpur .

  2.  Berry, Nanita . 2003.  Importance of Non Timber Forest Products in tribal economy:  a case study of Hoshangabad district. In National Seminar on Management of degraded Forests for productivity enhancement and Carbon Sink Expansion held from 15-16,January, 2003 at Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur .

  3.  Berry, Nanita 2003. Babul-Dhan Krishi Vaniki padhadhi dwara mrida utpadakata mein vriddhi evam mahilaon ki sthithi mein sudhar.  In Aushtum Rashtriya Sangoshthi on Krishi Kshetra May Vashvikaran ke awsar avum chunautiya.  held from 17-19th January, 2003 at JNKVV, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

  4.  Berry, Nanita 2004. Species diversity and assessment of NTFPs in Korku dominated villages of Hoshangabad districts, M.P. In National workshop on Regional strategy for plant conservation held from 26-27th February, 2004 at TFRI, Jabalpur.   

  5. Khatri, Nanita Performance of multipurpose tree species in a silvi-olericultural systems. In National Workshop on Multipurpose Tree speices for Agroforestry in India held from 6-9, April, 1994  BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune, India  

  6.  Berry ,N. and Reddy G.R.S. Growth and performance of Gmelina arborea (Roxb.) in a Silvi-olericultural model. In Regional meeting of Silviculturists and Research workers of Central region held at Orissa from 6-8, February 1996 .

  7.  Berry , Nanita Agri-lac culture: an innovative method for extension.  In National workshop[ on Management of extension activities held 14th September, 2005  at TFRI .

  8.  Berry , Nanita  Women empowerment towords sustainable productivity . In National seminar on Tree improvement for sustainable forestry held from 21 to 23 March, 2006  at JNKVV, Jabalpur(M.P.) .

  9. Berry , Nanita  . 2006 . "Lac culture : an option for livelihood security"  . In National Symposium on Agroforestry for livelihood security, Environment protection and Biofuel production held from 16th  Dec.06 to 18th Dec.,06 at NRCAF, Jhansi, UP.

  10. Berry , Nanita  2007. Potential of Bioenergy plants in  Agroforestry .   In International Seminar on Sustainable agriculture, food security and bio-energy production held from 14th to 16th February,2007  at J.N.K.V.V., Jabalpur.

  11. Berry , Nanita 2008. Intensive Farming in Silvi-medicinal System of tropics. In National Symposium on "Intensive Farming held from 12th  14th, February,2008 at Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana (Punjab) .

  12.  Berry , Nanita Agroforestry interventions for sustainable livelihood security in Central India. In National symposium on Agroforestry for livelihood security held from 15th to 17th December, 2008 at National Research Centre for Agroforestry, Jhansi(UP) .

  13. Berry, N. 2009. Evaluation of Dendrocalamus asper based agroforestry system for tropics. In National seminar on Bamboo  held from 17th-19th March, 2009 at AFRI, Jodhpur (Rajasthan) .


International proceedings:

  1. Argal, Akhilesh;.Sah, A.K; Berry, Nanita and Dilraj , I.T.K. 2004). Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivillianum)  A medicinal plant for providing additional intermittent income under Teak ( Tectona grandis). In Book of  Abstract on " Ist World Congress of Agroforestry working together for sustainable land use systems" (Eds. Nair, PKR and Samuel, C. Allen) held from 27th June to 02 July, 2004 at Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.Pub. Univ. of Florida. pp 106.

  2.  Berry , Nanita and Pal, RS.(2009). Empowering women self help groups : an innovative approach towards forest conservation and poverty alleviation.  Book of Abstracts on IInd World Congress of Agroforestry The Future of Global Land Use ,(Eds. Nair,PKR, and Dennis Garrity) held from 23rd to 28th August, 2009 at Nairobi, KenyaPub.  Univ. of Florida , pp .316


Edited Chapters of Proceedings

  1. Mandal, A.K.; Berry, N. and Rawat, G.S. (2008). Proceedings of  the National Conference  on " Bamboos: Management, Conservation, Value addition and Promotion". held from12 14 March, 2008 at TFRI, Jabalpur (M.P.) :  1 280pp.  Published by Director, Tropical Forest Research Institute(Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education) PO RFRC,Jabalpur-482021,MP,India.

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