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Dr. S. C. Biswas

Name :  Dr. S. C. Biswas

Designation :  Scientist D

Qualification :  M. Sc., Ph. D. (Organic Chemistry)

Experience : 16 Years

Subject Area :  Phytochemistry, Non Wood Forest Products

Publication :   10



Research Papers


1. Early growth of species and provenances of eucalyptus in West Bengal .  Annals of Forestry Dehradun, Vol. I (1), 18-26, 1993. 

2. Potentiality of coal and copper mine over burden for growing medicinal plants, Environment and Ecology, 14(2), 425-421, 1996.

3. Response of fertilizers (N and P) to growth of perkinsonia aculeate in degraded soil, India Agric. Vol. 40(1), 17-24,1996.

4. Dynamics of natural ecorestoration in coal mine overburden for dry deciduous zone of M.P., India , Ecol. Env. & Cons. Vol. 2(97-104), 1996.

5. Growth performance of tree species at different microsites of coal mine over burdens of Singrauli (M.P.), My Forest, Banglore, Vol. 32, 201-206, 1996.

6. Effectiveness of compost towards increasing productivity of some medicinal plants in skeletal soil, Vol. XVIII, 65-83, 1998.

7. Spoil characteristics and vegetation development in different aged fly ash dykes of Chachai (M.P.), Journal of Tropical Forestry.

8. Effect of climate change caused due to global warming. Sustainable development Vol. 2, 3-9, 2006.

9. fo'oO;kih tyok;q ifjorZu% vUrjkZ"Vh; iz;klksa esa okfudh ,oa Hkkjrh; igy] Sustainable development Vol. 2, 20-22, 2006.

10.Studies on chemical composition and amino acid profile of seeds of Albizia lebbek. Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity Vol. 10, 30-38, 2002.

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