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Shri R. B. Singh

Name : Ram Bhajan Singh

Designation : Technical Officer

Date of Birth :    06/04/1963

Date of Joining :  30/05/1993

Date of joining present post : 

Discipline : Bio-science

Address (off.) :  Forest Entomology Division, TFRI, PO-RFRC, Mandla

Road, Jabalpur 482021 (MP)

Address (resi.) :   Flat No.520, Block-C, Shubham Residency, Main road

Tilhari, Jabalpur - 482020

Telephone (off. ):   0761-2840634, 8989427474 (M)

Fax : 0761-2840484

Email address :

Educational Qualifications :Intermediate

Research Experience :  35 years

Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations : N/A

Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums : N/A

Awards : N/A



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