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Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity

Published by Society for promotion of Tropical Biodiversity, Jabalpur. INDIA


Dr. U. Prakasham, IFS, TFRI, Jabalpur


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Dr. Fatima Shirin, TFRI, Jabalpur

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Shri Sanjay SIngh, TFRI, Jabalpur


Shri Hari Om Saxena, TFRI, Jabalpur

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Dr. Nitin Kulkarni, (Ex-Officio Member) TFRI,  Jabalpur

Dr. Yogeshwar Mishra, TFRI, Jabalpur

Mrs. Neelu SIngh, TFRI, Jabalpur

Dr. Naseer Mohammad, TFRI, Jabalpur

Mrs. Tresa Hamalton, TFRI, Jabalpur


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(An official biennial publication of Society for Promotion of Tropical Biodiversity)

Tropical region of the world provides most diverse genetic pool of animals and plants and acts as a cushion for absorption of pollutants, regulation of water cycle and stabilization of climate. The diverse genetic pool, collectively called as biodiversity, possesses immense potential for selection and transfer of desired traits across the organisms, which is lifeline of modern industries based on biotechnology and tree/crop protection and improvement. Thus, the improvement in quality of human life particularly tribal/ rural folks directly relates to the promotion of biodiversity, which is otherwise, a sustainable resource of raw material for various traditional industries, such as paper and pulp, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

However, the benefits cited above also contribute to continuous depletion of tropical biodiversity, extinction of several kinds of plants and animals and ecological imbalance, making the mother earth inhospitable for sustenance of life. This necessitates to promoting tropical biodiversity by understanding its genesis with respect to climatic change, technology development for rehabilitation of difficult sites, productivity enhancement and population expansion of endangered / threatened species.

To realize above goals, Society for Promotion of Tropical Biodiversity has been constituted to adopt and orient Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity as its official mouthpiece. Consequently, the journal has now widened its horizon, publishing contributions dealing with multiple facets of inter-disciplinary researches of physical and biological sciences devoted to resolve prevalent crisis of the tropical biodiversity. It also intends to disseminate research information to a broad audience of scientists, educators, policy makers, conservationists, naturalists and the general public for deeper understanding of species, ecosystems and inter connectedness of living world.

The Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity successfully completes a decade of its existence and enters a new era of consolidation. In consonance, the print quality and size of the journal has been enlarged to pack more information and match with the international format of journals.

Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity is an international, inter-disciplinary periodicals devoted to promotion of diverse aspects of tropical biodiversity and published twice a year.


  • To provide a focal point for the publication of standard original research articles dealing with tropical biodiversity of agriculture/forest

  • To Publish critical reviews on current aspects

  • To provide a valuable source of reference for researchers, laboratories and libraries

  • To provide a platform to debate on various aspects on tropical biodiversity


Editor-in-Chief: Dr. U. Prakasham, IFS, Director

Editor:       Dr. R. K. Verma, Scientist F

Members:  Dr. N. Roy Choudhury, Scientist G, TFRI, Jabalpur

                    Dr. Y. K. Bansal,  RDVV, Jabalpur

                    Dr. Avinash Jain, Scientist F, TFRI, Jabalpur

                    Dr. Nanita Berry, Scientist D, TFRI, Jabalpur

                    Dr. R. K. Pandey

                    Shri Sanjay Singh, Scientist B, TFRI, Jabalpur

                    Shri Dheeraj Gupta, Scientist B, TFRI, Jabalpur

                     Mrs. Tresa Hamilton, Scientist B, TFRI, Jabalpur

                     Dr. S. Sambath,, Scientist C, CRS, ZSI, Jabalpur


The journal welcomes the following categories of publication

(1) Review articles, (2) Original research papers {(a) full lengths and (b) short communication} and    (3) letters to editor


Members of society will be entitled to receive journal. The membership subscription rates are as follows:

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Institutional 1500.00 50.00 60.00
Individual 250.00 20.00 30.00


The journal welcomes advertisement from suppliers of scientific goods, laboratory products, instrumentation, environmental facilities, commercial products and state forest departments. The tariffs per volumes are given below:

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Back cover 5000.00 7000.00
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Half page 1000.00 2000.00

Send membership/advertisement amount by a crossed bank demand draft made in the name of Treasurer, Society for Promotion of Tropical Biodiversity, payable at Jabalpur. The advertisement material along with requisite demand draft should be sent to Editor, Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity, Tropical Forest Research Institute, P.O.: RFRC, Mandla Road, Jabalpur (M.P.) - 482 021, INDIA.

This journal is indexed in CAB Abstract and database, U.K.

Correspondence Address:       Editor

                                                      Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity

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