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Biodiversity and Sustainable Management Division

Last Updated on : 31 August 2018

A. Journals Article

Shadangi D. K. and Nath V. 2006. Litter decomposition in eucalyptus and pine plantation and natural sal forests related to micro-arthropod in different season in Amarkantak (M.P.). The Indian Forester, 132 (4):420  428.

Nath V, Pal Rajat S and Banerjee S K 2008. Bamboo  its distribution, production, habitat and agroforestry potentiality. The Indian Forester (Special issue, March, 2008), 134/3: 387-396.

Shadangi D K and Nath V. 2008. Ecotone and climatic change.  Jour.  Trop. Forestry., 246 (III & IV) : 1-6.

Nath V. and  Khatri P. K. 2010. Traditional knowledge on ethno-medicinal uses prevailing in tribal pockets of Chhindwara and Betul Districts, Madhya Pradesh, India.  African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 4(8).

Nath V. and  Khatri P. K. 2010. Documentation of Traditional knowledge on ethno-medicinal information from traditional herbal healers in Jabalpur and Seoni District, Madhya Pradesh Journal of Tropical Forestry (accepted)

Nath V. and Khatri P. K. 2010 .Traditional knowledge on ethno-medicinal uses prevailing in tribal pockets of Harda and Raisen Districts of Madhya Pradesh. communicated Indian Forester (accepted)

 B. Conferences/proceeding/Workshop

Rai R. and Nath V. 2006. Ethno-medicinal studies in Pachmari Biospere Reserve. National Seminar on Environment and Development organized by EPCO, Bhopal, 16-17 Jan. 2006.

Nath V. Shadangi D K and Fransis A. 2006. Conservation biodiversity of the country through organic farming Prospects of organic farming Govt. of India, Ministry of Agriculture, RCOF, Jabalpur, 26-27 April. 2006.

Nath V. and Shadangi D K. 2007. Conserving  Biodiversity of  the country  Preservation Plots. Paper presented in National Conference on Increasing Forest Productivity: Genetic & Breeding Options.TFRI, Jabalpur. 2007.

Nath V. and Khatri P K. 2009. Floristic and ethno-botanical resources of protected area of Chhattisgarh.  National seminar on Socio-economic development of ethnic population in Chhattisgarh with integrated approach to natural resources held on 4-5 March 2009 at Baster Vishwavidhyalaya, Baster (CG). 2009.

Nath V. and Khatri P. K. 2010. "Ethano- medicinal use s prevailing in tribal pockets of Harda and Raisen Districts of Madhya Pradesh "National conference on Biodiversity for sustainable development held on August 25-27, 2010 at  Centre of Biodiversity and Forest Studies , School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources , Madurai Kamraj University , Madurai, Tamilnadu. 2010.

C.Book Chapters / Hand-Books

Rai, R. and Nath V. 2006. Use of indigenous herbal medicinal plants of Gond traditional healers in cure of skin diseases in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. In Medicinal plants and traditional knowledge (eds P.C. Trivedi),  pp. 229  235  Pub. I.K. Inter. Pub. House, New Delhi.

Nath V.and Shandangi, D. K. 2007. Environmental aspects of forest Biodiversity conservation and management in mountains region of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.  in Global Biodiversity  Status and Conservation. (ed. P. C. Trivedi) pp 200-209, Pointer Publishers, Jaipur.

Jain A., Bhowmik, A.K. Nath, V. and Benerjee, S.K. 2009. Impact of plantation on ecosystems development in drastically disturbed coal mine overburden spoils. In: Sustainable rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems (eds. O.P. Choubey, V. Bahadur and P. K. Shukla), 190-205, SFRI, Jabalpur.

 D. Pamphlets

 Biodiversity and Sustainable Management Division. 2009. 15 pamphlets (in Hindi) have been published having the description of medicinal plants being used by the traditional herbal healers of this region for cure of various diseases among the tribal/local people. 2009.

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