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Last Updated on : 30 August 2018


TFRI, Jabalpur is a premier research institution of the country under the aegis of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehradun. Its publications are of immense benefit to foresters, farmers, students, research scholars and others who may be inclined towards forestry. All the books, brochures and journals are treasure-trove of knowledge and are very reasonably priced.  


1. Minor Forest Produce (Medicial Plants). I.D.F. Tech. Bull. No.1, 1989.2.

2.  Bibliography  on  Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb. I.D.F. Rech. Bull. No.2, 1990.

3.  Common forest insect pest and their control measures I.D.F. Tech. Bull. No. I, 1990.

4.  Teak Mortality  soil and site characteristics of Mundi Range, South Khandwa Forest division, I.D.F. Tech. Report               

             No.1, 1990.

5.  Soils of  I.D.F. campus I.D.F. Report No.2, 1991.

6.  Forest Nursery pests and how to fight them I.C.F.R.E. Bull. No. B-40, 1991.

7.  Research Bulletin published quarterly.

8.  Indian Journal of  Tropical Bio-diversity.

9.  Proceedings of the Regional meeting of Silviculturists and Research workers of Central region held in Nov,92.

10. Root diseases in forest nurseries of M. P.

11. Tropical Sylvics  Half yearly News letter of the Institute.

12.  Pamphlets/Leaflets on:

13. Kissan Nursery, 1992.

14.  Soils of Barha Experimental Area  TFRI Tech. Report No.3, 1993.  

15.  Root Diseases in Forest Nurseries of M. P. and their control (TFRI Info. S. N.1), 1993

16.  TFRI Tech. Report No.3, 1994.  

  17. Afforestation of Important Stress Sites, 1996.

 18.  Planting Methods of Multipurpose Tree Species, 1997.

 19.  Establishment and Management of Seed Production Area, TFRI Publ. No. 5.

 19.  Some Improvised Forest Nursery Equipments, TFRI Publ. No. 7, 1997.

 20.  Hand Book of  Disease in Tropical Tree Species, TFRI Publ. No. 8, 1997.  

 21.  Seed Orchards, TFRI Publ. No. 9, 1997.

 22.  Plant Tissue Culture, TFRI Publ. No. 10, 1997.   

 23. Vegetative Propagation of Trees, TFRI Publ. No. 11, 1997.

 24. UNDP - ICFRE Project Practical Hand Book on Nursery and Plantation Technology, TFRI Publ. No. 12, 1997.     

 24. Ecorestoration  of Iron Mined Areas, TFRI Publ. No. 13, 1997.

 25. Application of Rhizobium in Forest Tree Species, TFRI Publ. No. 14, 1997.

 26.  Ecorestoration of Lime Stone Mined Areas, TFRI Publ. No. 15, 1997.

 27. Hand Book on Seed Collection, Processing & Storage, TFRI Publ. No. 14, 1997.

 28. Provenance Testing, TFRI Publ. No. 16, 1998.

 29.  Characteristics and Environmental Impact of Flyash, TFRI Publ. No. 17, 1998.

 30.  Plant Diversity in Preservation Plots of Orissa, TFRI Publ. No. 18, 1998.

 31.  Metrological Data of TFRI, Jabalpur, TFRI Publ. No. 19, 1998.

32.   Fuel Operated Draught Type Driver for Drying Non Wood Forest Produce, TFRI Publ. No. 20, 1999.

 33.  Plant Diversity in Preservation Plots and and National Parks in Maharashtra, TFRI Publ. No. 21, 1999.

 34. Mushroom Production and Uses (Hindi), TFRI Publ. No. 22, 2000.

 35  Bamboo- Forest to Farmers (Hindi), TFRI Publ. No. 22, 2000.

 36. Recent Trends in Insect Pest Control to Enhance Forest Productivity, Proc. of Workshop on Entomology and 

            Bio-control, held at TFRI, Jabalpur, India, 25th September, 2000.

 37. Diseases and Insect Pest of Teak, 68 ICFRE BR-10, TFRI BR-1, 2001. 

 38. Genetic Testing of Insect of Forest Trees, 79 ICFRE BR-20, TFRI BR-4, 2001.

 39.  Plus Tree selection, 77 ICFRE Br-18, TFRI BR-2, 2001.

 40.  Screening of Plants with Pesticital Properties  against the Insect Pests, 78 ICFRE BR-19, TFRI BR-3, 2001.

 41.  Medicinal Plants of Central India (Growing in NWFP Garden), 2001.

 42.  Biofetrilizer, Use of Biofertilizers in Forestry, 2001.

 43. Mushroom Cultivation, 2001.  


Nurseries, Plantations and Plantation Techniques Price (in Rs.) Tree Improvement Price (in Rs.)
Improvised forest nursery equipments 84 Plus trees selection 76
Handbook on nursery and plantation technology 88 Seed orchards .46
Root diseases in forest 'nurseries of MP and their control  20 Screening insect resistant trees 83
Kisan nursery  10 Provenance testing 56
Micro-propagation protocol for exotic edible bamboo  96 Plant tissue culture  68
Macro-propagation of teak 77 Brochures    
Planting methods of multipurpose tree species 10 Cultivation of medicinal plants (Hindi)    
Vegetative propagation of trees  69 Shatavar, Aswagandha, Kalmegh, Sarpagandha, Kalihari, Muskdana, Lemon Grass   25 each
Application of rhizobium in forest tree species 93 Gudmar, Safed Musli, Bach, Citronela, Pamarosa   15 each
Seed collection, processing and storage 100 Cultivation of trees (English, Udia, Marathi)    
Establishment and management of vegetative multiplication garden 77 Moringa olifera, Salvadora, Gamhar, Pongamia pinnata, Semal, Kadam, Ardu,Jungle Jalebi, Shisham, Neem 20 each
Plant Pests, Diseases and Their Control   Cultivation of trees (English, Marathi)    
Hand Book of diseases in tropical tree species 139 Anjan, Bursera, Jatropha, Red Sanders, Khair, Khejri, Chironji, Dhok, Sesbania, Chirpine, Albizia procera, Poplar, Vilayati babool, Mudhuca, Bamboo, Semicarpus anacardium 'Bhilawa'   20 each
Recent trends in insect pest control to enhance forest productivity 180 Other Important Publications    
Diseases and insect pests of teak 77 Plant diversity in preservation plots of Orissa 70
Genetic testing of insects of forest trees 26 Meteorological data of TFRI, Jabalpur 70
Screening of plants with pesticidal properties against insect pests  64 Fuel operated draught type drum drier for non wood forest produce   36
A workbook on forest pest control  75 Micro-propagation of bamboo 77
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants   Plant diversity in preservation plots and national parks in Maharashtra   101
Medicinal plants of central India 791 Mushroom utpadan evam upyog (Hindi) 48
Wasteland Reclamation   Baans-vanon se kisanon tak (Hindi)  80
Afforestation of important stress sites  132    
Characteristics and environmental impact of flyash 133    
Ecorestoration of limestone mined areas 90    
Ecorestoration of iron mined areas 92    

All these publications can be purchased by sending Demand Draft of any scheduled bank in the name of  Director, TFRI, Jabalpur , payable at Jabalpur. For further enquiries please contact Head, Extension Division or Director, TFRI, PO-RFRC, Mandla Road, Jabalpur- 482 021, M .P.

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