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Last Updated on : 11 September 2023

The Forest Extension Division of the Institute acts as a bridge between the Institute and various stakeholder's. This Division is representing the institute in the training programs/seminars/workshops/ conferences, farmer’s fairs and exhibitions organized by the various divisions of the institute from time to time, to various end users in the forestry sector. This division reaching with different stakeholders through the results  of various research activities carried out by the institute and various forestry related areas. This division also providing information on various technical problems and environmental rehabilitation, treatment of overhead load of mines and various issues related to forest and environment.  In addition, the Forest Extension Division coordinates in providing consultancy through training programs/ experts to be organized from time to time by new institutes for dissemination of technologies/techniques. Along with this, the visitors/dignitaries make them acquainted with various research activities of the institute during their visit/stay.

Extension activities

Van Vighyan Kendra (VVK)

To demonstrate the technologies/techniques developed by the institute, the institute has established VVK centers in three states of its jurisdiction namely Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra to provide solutions for various forestry related problems of the region. These VVKs are functioning in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, Raipur in Chhattisgarh, and Jalna district in Maharashtra.  For the establishment of VVKs and to strengthen their work and extension systems, this Forest Extension Division of the Institute develops and manages tree plantations, purchase of extension equipment, conducting training programs for the beneficiaries from time to time. Also, printing and publishing extension materials for dissemination of forest technologies and expansion activities. Through regular training programs in forestry sector, continuous work is done for dissemination of modern technologies to consumer groups, especially farmers. Also, conducting regular training programmes in all the selected VVKs to disseminate the feasible technologies developed by TFRI for various stakeholders viz. SFDs, farmers, etc.

Coordination with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

The Forest Extension Division of the institute has been designated as the nodal division under the MoU signed between the Indian Forestry Agricultural Forestry Research Council and Indian Council of Agricultural Research, for the promotion of forestry and extension activities through KVKs. Under this scheme, the subject matter experts of the institute appraise the new techniques of forestry to the beneficiaries, especially the farmers, organized by KVKs.

Demonstration villages

A demonstration village or demo village has been set up in the village Maiyanala Region - Bijadandi (Pashchim Mandla MP) for proper dissemination and demonstration of consumer groups of technologies techniques developed by the institute.  Demonstration activities are being conducted to transfer the technologies/techniques developed by the institute in the demo villages. This demo village is about 25 km from the institute  and spread over an area of ​​about 10 ha.  Presently, some clones of teak have been planted by the institute here to demonstrate the suitability to local condition and biofertilizer effect on various forestry species.  Scientists of different divisions made regular visits and conducted training programme to the stakeholders in the demo village.

Traditional extension activities of the division

Museum-cum-introduction center

An introduction center and museum has been established under this division for dissemination of awareness on forestry, environmental protection and forestry research related activities. This introduction center and museum has been established with the objective of creating awareness among students, officials, employees and farmers associated with various visitor groups like educational institutions, research institutes, forest department, non-government organizations etc.  A collection of postage tickets issued by various countries showing the importance of forestry is also available in the museum. This introduction center and museum is open for public visits during office hours, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.


A Archanarium has been established by the of Tropical Forest Research Institute.  Special arrangements have been made to display colorful paintings of about 250 species of Spiders in Central India and life cycle of some terrestrial and aquatic spiders.

Important day event

The Division organized various important days such as World Environment Day, World Earth Day, International Day of Forests and Vanmahotsav, etc. During such occations, invited local school and college students, youths and other beneficiaries and created environmental awareness and ensures the success of these programs with various competitions, demonstrations and their participation.

Extension training / workshops

From time to time, training programs on forestry related subjects are organized for various beneficiaries.

About 300 days of training programs have been organized by this division in the past years in the institute in which about 4000 people have been trained on various aspects. Along with this, training programs for skill development are being organized regularly by the institute under the Kushal Bharat scheme.  under Hirit Skill Development Scheme, training programmes  are organized by this institute and around 150 people have been trained.

Demonstration Program

Awareness program is also organized from time to time by this division of the institute for students from various institutes and training institutes and forest training schools, and Madhya Pradesh trainees and general public. In which visitors are introduced to various research activities being carried out by the Institute. 

Radio and television discussion

For the purpose of wide dissemination, information is disseminated to the public on specific topics through radio and television.


The Extension Division undertakes publication of brochures and pamphlets in various languages ​​for dissimination of the same to various stakeholders.

The institute has so far published 49 brochures (i Hindi -23, English -12, Marathi -17 and Chhattisgarhi -07 brochures.  

प्रकृति कार्यक्रमः / Prakriti programme: /Nature programme

Various programs are being organized regularly under the Prakriti programme for the year 2017-18 with a view to create environmental awareness and sensitivity towards students.  In these programs, school students are visited to museum and different divisions and enriched with basic forestry research. During the visits, staff of TFRI had interactions with the students and created awareness in the fields of envuironment. Forests, wildlife, etc. Also, workshops for teachers and students are organized and introduced them to modern environmental techniques. Under this, 10 programmes have been successfully organized by the division.

Facilities available in the division

Auditorium: Auditorium-03 equipped with audio and video conferencing system.

Videoconferencing Room -01

Personnel of the Division

Sl. No.



Telephone No.

E-mail Address

Dr. Nanita Berry
 Scientist-F and Head of Division
2. Dr. S. N. Mishra Scientist C 0761-2840627
3. R. B. Manjhi Chief Technical Officer 0761-2840627


Sri. Alfred Francis

Senior Technical Officer



Sri. Raghverndra Mehra

Office Attendent



Dr. Nanita Berry

Scientist 'F' & Head

Extension Division

Phone:+91- 761- 2840627, 2744138

E-mail: headext_tfri[at]icfre[dot]gov[dot]in , berryn[at]icfre[dot]gov[dot]in

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