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Last Updated on : 30 August 2018

Forest Extension Division works as interface between the institute and the stakeholders. It provides infrastructural support to other divisions of the institute in organizing Training Programmes/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars and other demonstration programmes to show-case institutional activities in the Kisan melas and Scientific Exhibitions organized by the institute or other organizations. The division is also a nodal division for demonstrating technologies developed by the institute through 4 Van Vigyan Kendrs (VVKs) functioning at Jabalpur in M.P., Raipur in Chhattisgarh, Jalna in MS and Koraput in Orissa and a Demo Village at Moiyanalla (West Mandla Division, Mandla (M.P.). The division coordinates with VVKs in organizing training programmes for extension of technologies by providing necessary funds and facilitating Resource Persons and Technical Inputs with the help of Scientists and experts from this institute in Training Programmes organized by the VVKs, time to time. Besides the Demo Village, established at Moiyanala, the extension activity for promoting  organic farming through vermicompost was carried out in two nearby villages i.e. Barah and Jamtara-Parawara.

The Forest Extension Division has successfully organized Training Programmes (100 Nos.), demonstration of on-going institutional activities (110 nos.) to the visiting trainee State Forest Department Officials/ students/ researchers/ farmers, Workshops/ Conference/ Seminar (45 nos.) and participated/ attended Kissan Melas/ Scientific Exhibitions (20 nos.) in the past. The division undertakes works related to the publications of the Publicity Brochures and Pamphlets in different languages. The division has published 49 number of Publicity Brochures (Hindi - 18, English - 7, Marathi - 17 and Chhattisgarhi � 7).

Major Achievements:

  • Establised linkage with Extension machinery of SFD and Agriculture department.

  • Shows video film regarding various technology through electronic media.

  • Replies public queries through appropriate level.

  • Extends facilities to visitors/dignitaries during their visits/stay.

 Significant achievements:

Establishment of Van Vigyan Kendra (VVK)

To disseminate the latest technologies in forestry sector to user groups especially farmers, Tropical Forest Research Institute have set-up four Van Vigyan Kendra (VVK) one each in the state of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur, Chhattisgarh at Raipur, Maharshtra at Jalna and Orissa at Koraput.  These VVks have been providing the various user groups with access to technical know-how of appropriate technologies developed by ICFRE institutes and centers. These VVKs are equipped with appropriate literature information, skills and technologies to be extended to different user groups including farmers. To set up VVKs in the states and strengthen the extension mechanism ICFRE has been providing funds for development and maintenance of model nursery, procurement of extension equipments, organize regular training programmes for stakeholders and printing and publication of extension material.

These VVKs are functional under this institute since 2007-08. Since their inception these VVKs have organized 37 training programmes on different forestry aspects including promotion of Agroforestry, Tissue culture techniques and on different protection techniques wherein training had been imparted to 1665 participants.

A view of low cost mist chamber at VVK MP

Works undertaken under VVK programme

Training organized under VVK, Maharashtra at Jalna

Field tour during a Training organized under VVK, Maharashtra at Jalna














































Establishment of Demo Villages

To showcase the appropriate technologies in order to extend them to the user groups Demo Village has been setup under the institute. The activities in the Demo village include Demonstration has been for and transfer of technologies. The demo village under this institute established at Moyia Nala in Beejadandi range of West Mandla (T) division which is about 25KM away from the institute on National Highway 12 A and spread over area of 10 hectare. The institute has raised plantations at demo village to demonstrate (a) Relative resistance in some teak clones against defoliator and skeletionizer and (b) Use of biofertilizer (VAM and Azospirillium) in forestry tree species. Regular visits are being organized by institute and state forest department to demonstrate the output of technology demostrated there. Apart from this a new initiative was also been undertaken to involve local villagers to adopt the Vermicompost production technologies in their field and promotion of Silvi-medicinal Agroforestry system in village Paraswada-Jamtara and Barha around the institute.


A View of demonstration plantation of Gmelina arborea raised at Demo village to show care effect of VAM.

A View of demonstration plantation raised at Demo village of leak to show care relation resistance to leak defoliation.

A Gram Sabha organized to promote use of vermicompost in farming

Vermicompost pit constructed in the farmer's field to promote use of vermicompost in farming


For further details, please contact:

Dr. Geeta Joshi, Scientist 'F' & Head, 

Extension Division

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